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トピック名: [All] 乗り物の詳細にある最大収益の値が意味のない数値になっている
投稿者: z9999+ さんの発言 2012/05/06 05:59

Value of max. income on convoi detail window is meaningless.

const sint32 price = (v->get_fracht_max()*(grundwert128>grundwert_bonus ? grundwert128 : grundwert_bonus))/30 - v->get_betriebskosten();
            money_to_string( number, price/100.0 );
This fomula means max. price of 100 tiles trip minus running cost of 1 tile trip.
So, this result of fomula is meaningless.

If you want to get max. income of 1 tile trip, It must be devided by 3000 instead of 30.
If you want to get max. income of 100 tile trip, running cost must be multiplied by 100.
トピック名: Re:[All] 乗り物の詳細にある最大収益の値が意味のない数値になっている
投稿者: prissi さんの発言 2012/05/09 07:47
Thanks for pointing this out.