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トピック名: 話しましょう!^w^
投稿者: danivenk さんの発言 2016/09/11 23:38
With those players I'd like to talk about simutrans and maybe about Japan etc.
You can contact me here, on skype, line, e-mail.
skype: danivenk
line: danivenk
e-mail: danivenk@gmail.com

反応を待ってます。 ^w^
トピック名: Re:話しましょう!^w^
投稿者: yoshi さんの発言 2016/09/21 23:41
I reckon most Japanese Simutrans players, who can speak English, do have an account on the International Forum and use it for communication with non-Japanese speakers. Unfortunately, you are unlikely to receive many replies here, if you don't speak Japanese... Still I might be of your help.
トピック名: Re:話しましょう!^w^
投稿者: danivenk さんの発言 2016/09/22 00:37
if you don't speak Japanese... Still I might be of your help.

Thank you very much and I kinda only know Japanese a little, but when something is in Japanese I'm able to translate it (using the INTERNET  ;) )

Would you know where I can find "active" Japanese Simutrans-Players who speak English?
トピック名: Re:話しましょう!^w^
投稿者: yoshi さんの発言 2016/09/27 06:48
Considering the fact that no one else has replied to you so far, this is not a right place. But I cannot suggest any other places either.
トピック名: Re:話しましょう!^w^
投稿者: htrkdk さんの発言 2016/09/30 15:46
Hi danivenk,

There is a community on Google plus which some of Japanese Simutrans players participate in:
However, no one has updated his/her status recently.

Or you can find some active players on Twitter, though I don't know whether they speak
English or not. If you don't care about language, it might be a good idea to create a Twitter
account and follow them :)

Have a nice day,